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Legal Benefits Group, Inc. is a leading consultant for commercial drivers and carriers.

We have in excess of 14,000 commercial driver accounts that use our service. Why, because we

teach drivers what they need to know to stay successful in trucking. Our safe drivers protect themselves and their carriers because of this training. Give me a call, Rickey Gooch 615-424-8635.

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CSA Driver Training

Drivers and Carriers are very busy people. It is not always easy to keep up with CSA changes or how CSA rules may be affecting legal charges. We teach drivers what they have to do to keep off the CSA radar. We accomplish this by using the language drivers understand. Drivers want to know how to keep points off their PSP report. We can easily teach drivers about this. Carriers want drivers to avoid any violations that would cause points to be added to SMS scores. We even help drivers with things like reducing overweight and over length citations. We help drivers with personal and family issues. Legal Benefits Group, Inc. provides a solution that drivers don't mind paying for that helps serve both the driver and carrier. Give me a call and lets see if we can help your drivers and your company. Rickey Gooch 615-424-8635.

You will have better drivers and lower PSP and SMS scores!  

Our service has little to no cost for most companies!

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