Some Facts About Having You're Own Law Firm!

We are all guaranteed our rights under the constitution of the United States of America correct? But where do you have to go to collect those rights? You must go to court. The fact is when the time comes to use an attorney most people can't afford it. So they just take the abuse or just let some business or person get away with your money, your time or your reputation!

You would be amazed at the power of a letter from a law firm. Especially a law firm with dozens of attorney's. Do you know that most legal battles are decided by letters and negiotions between attorneys.  Not in the court room. But with our LegalShield Family Plan even if you have to go to court in most cases your attorney will go for you.

Today LegalShield provides the only such legal service of this kind in America. So how much is it? In most states it is less than $20 a month for the entire family. I never leave my home without my LegalShield card in my pocket. I feel protected because I am protected and so is my family!

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Who We Are


​Our Consultants at Legal Benefits Group, Inc. come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our staff’s diversity lets us find the best solution for handling your needs. We come from a variety of disciplines and career paths, ensuring that our approach considers all angles. Attorneys from every legal profession and Business and Sales Professionals.

What are Legal Plans For?

  • Did you ever get a speeding Ticket?
  • Do you have a will?
  • Have you updated your will?
  • Do you have children in school?
  • Do your children drive?
  • Do you have a disabled child?
  • Has anyone ever overcharged you?
  • Have you ever wanted to change your name?
  • Has your child ever been bullied?
  • Have you ever tried to get a refund but was denied?
  • Have you been threatened?

  • Has anyone ever threatened to sue you or just threatened you?
  • Have you ever had bank charges that you did not think you chould pay?
  • Do you have children in college?
  • Has anyone ever give you an estimate but charged way more than the estimate?
  • Have your rights ever been violated?
  • Do you need a quick divorce?
  • Have you ever needed a power of attorney?
  • Has anyone ever damaged any of your properity?
  • Have you ever been over billed for a service and wanted to know why?
  • Do neighborhood kids play on your properity?
  • Have you ever purchased a car and was unhappy with it?
  • Have you ever signed a contract or document without the advice of an attorney?
  • Has anyone ever held information from you that you needed?