Our Strategy

     Our team of senior strategists pairs out of the box strategies with tried and true consulting skills. We employ leading edge technology in the Tax, Voluntary Benefits, Transportation Consulting, Legal and Identity Theft trends. We provide technologies and strong products that can deliver no out of pocket cost solutions for your company. We can increase the quality of employee health care benefits program with tax plans.

     Managing partners Rickey Gooch and William Salin JD Esq, are recognized leaders in the legal, transportation and voluntary benefits pre-tax community. We have matched the right products for the right time in this market.

We Don't Guess, We Use the Industries Best People

Let us introduce you to the legal team who helped develop our proprietary Cafeteria program! Your employees will love this program!

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We have answers for the hard questions of cutting healthcare cost without cutting benefits. Your hard questions!

The information on or made available through Legal Benefits Group, Inc is not intended to be legal, accounting, tax, payroll, investment or other professional advice. This is for your information only and not to be construed as an offer, solicitation or contract.

Forward Thinking

Our consultants are leading experts in both Tax Programs and Legal and Identity Theft Solutions. Generating no out of pocket employer cost for Employee Benefits. We do not sell healthcare but our products will increase healthcare benefits 

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Beyond The Box

We are delivering innovative proven strategies developed by the industries leading employee benefits specialist.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain high quality employees. Your employees will have more benefits that they can really use.

Sensible Solutions

We provide employers with practical, easy to use employee voluntary benefits. These benefit plans have no employer out of pocket cost.

Legal Benefits Group Inc. Offers Proven Strategies

That Cut Employer Operational Cost and Provides More Benefits!